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Severe Weather

The Village encourages residents to be prepared in the event of severe weather or an emergency. Prepare yourself by taking the following steps:


  • Identify a safe locations in the interior of the house or basement.
  • Ensure a flashlight and fresh batteries are available
  • Have a battery or hand-powered NOAA weather radio available

During threatening conditions, tune your radio or television to monitor the weather. The Village's tornado warning siren will sound if a tornado or life- or property-threatening weather is impending. However, residents should use common sense and seek shelter in severe weather situations even if the alarm has not sounded. If threatening conditions are impending, the tornado warning siren will sound a continuous signal for two minutes. The warning is effective for one hour. There is no "all clear" signal. If the threat extends beyond an hour, the siren will again sound for two minutes, extending the warning period one hour. When the siren activates, please do not call the Fire or Police emergency or non-emergency numbers to inquire about the warning. The telephone lines must be kept open during emergencies.

Check these resources to learn more:

Or watch the Village's video explaining the outdoor warning siren activation.

Tornado Warning Information

Three warning sirens are located at in the Village. The sirens are tested the first Tueday of every month at 10 a.m. "All Clear" signals are never given.

The location of the warning sirens are as follows:

  • 56th Street between Clarendon Hills Road & Holmes Avenue (south side)
  • Stonegate & Naperville Road (north side)
  • Gilbert & Burlington Avenue

Fire Chief Brian Leahy is the Village's Emergency Preparedness Coordinator. He can be contacted on the Fire Department non-emergency number (630-286-5430) during working hours to answer preparedness questions.