Clarendon Hills
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Content & Linkage Policy

The purpose of the website created and maintained by the Village of Clarendon Hills is to promote tourism, industry, economic welfare and amateur athletic activities within the community as well as to provide community residents with information regarding utility and governmental services.

Although most of the content contained on the site is created by Village staff and officials, there are, at times, reasonable and desirable needs for links to Web sites outside the span of control of the municipality. When establishing such linkages, the Village of Clarendon Hills does not discriminate based upon the viewpoint of the speaker; however, the Village of Clarendon Hills limits its links to those which connect readers to websites that carry content that is consistent with the purpose of the Village's website as stated above.

Village of Clarendon Hills reserves the right to deny links to any Web site that contains obscene or objectionable images and/or text. Village also reserves the right to edit or delete any comments placed in any guest book.

Decisions regarding this policy may be appealed to the Village Manager of the Village of Clarendon Hills. The decision of the Village Manager shall be final.

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