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During this school year students enrolled in Judson University's Advanced Architecture and Urbanism Studio will be exploring the Clarendon Hills and developing real-life recommendations of how the Village can meet the goals of the Living Community Challenge and improve its ability of being a regenerative community.

During their fall 2015 semester class was conducted in the Village Hall board room. So far the class has presented an overview of the Village and the Living Community Challenge, and has reported on topics such as: storm water management and using water as a resource; solar, use of wind and geothermal energy to become a net zero community; parks, transportation, and City Imaging and Pattern Language. The students have also presented the Village with a working model of downtown Clarendon Hills and concept plans for redevelopment.

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More information about the students work can be found on the Thrive website or by contacting Professor Robin Randall via email.
A Working Model of Downtown Clarendon Hills