Downtown REVITALIZATION project - update page

The Downtown Revitalization Project is a set of public improvements designed to enhance the viability and pedestrian safety of Downtown Clarendon Hills. The project includes three components: 1) Prospect & Burlington Avenue Improvements; 2) Prospect Avenue Railroad Crossing Improvements; 3) Inbound & Outbound Train Station Improvements. The Downtown Revitalization Project is scheduled to start in fall 2019 and be completed in 2020. Information about alternate Commuter and Blue Dot Permit Parking during this project is posted [here].


  • Train Station – Inbound Shelters. Installation of the remaining concrete work and snowmelt has been completed. Work is underway to finish the rail sculpture at the east entrance of the main shelter and install lighting fixtures and cables for security cameras. A concrete graffiti coating and other painting finishes are tentatively scheduled for next week. Topsoil and landscaping are scheduled to begin later this month.
  • Gates. As was requested by the Village last fall, this week BNSF replaced the temporary asphalt sidewalk patchwork with concrete at the crossing on both sides of Prospect Avenue. 
  • Streetscape. Punchlist items, including the metal railings in front of Village Hall, will be completed in Spring 2021. Native planting beds are expected to fill in over the next two to three years.
  • Burlington Plaza/Alley.  The Downtown Design Review Commission reviewed and recommended the approval of the Burlington Plaza plans at the southwest corner of Burlington Avenue and Prospect Avenue. This design will be presented to the Village Board on 4/5/2021 for approval and direction to proceed. Construction of the Plaza and reconstructed alley is planned for summer 2021.
  • Train Station – Outbound Shelter. Demolition is scheduled to begin next week. The new outbound shelter will be like the east inbound shelter. Construction will include the completion of streetscape and landscaping improvements at the crossing, as the installation of an electric-car charging station across from Village Hall.

    NOTICE - Demolition of the Outbound Shelter will begin next week, during the week of April 5. Notice is posted at the shelter instructing bike parking be relocated elsewhere. Bicycles found under the shelter as of April 4 will be removed and delivered to the Police Department at 448 Park Ave.  Bicycle racks are available south of the tracks, west of the new train station.

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