Why should I care about stormwater?

Any property is likely to generate run-off in a severe rain storm, even if the ground is able to absorb water in a normal rain event. Everyone in the community benefits from adequate, properly functioning drainage and flood control systems, which decrease the likelihood of flooding, erosion, and the amount of pollutants discharged in surface and stormwater run-off.

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1. Why manage stormwater?
2. What is an “impervious area”?
3. What is the difference between the stormwater system and sanitary sewer system?
4. Why should I care about stormwater?
5. How is stormwater regulated?
6. What is the Village doing to address stormwater?
7. How can I better manage stormwater run-off at home.
8. What is a Post Construction Best Management Practices (PCBMP)?