Road Improvement Program/Water main replacement program 2019

The Village of Clarendon Hills maintains approximately 25 miles of roadway, which is evaluated on an ongoing basis. The Village strives to maintain roads to avoid excessive deterioration and increased maintenance costs.

Each year, the Village implements its annual road program and water main replacement program. The scope of the annual program is based on road conditions and water main conditions as well as available funding.

​2019 Construction Updates

09/20/19 Construction Final Update
09/13/19 Construction Update
09/06/19 Construction Update
08/30/19 Construction Update
08/23/19 Construction Update
08/16/19 Construction Update
08/09/19 Construction Update
08/02/19 Construction Update
07/26/19 Construction Update
07/19/19 Construction Update
07/12/19 Construction Update
07/03/19 Construction Update
06/28/19 Construction Update
06/21/19 Construction Update
06/17/19 Construction Notification
Storm Sewer Improvement Plans
06/14/19 Construction Update (Road Program begins)
06/07/19 Construction Update
05/31/19 Construction Update
05/24/19 Construction Update 
Ordinance Establishing SSA 33
Ordinance Terminating SSA 32
05/17/19 Construction Update
05/10/19 Construction Update
05/03/19 Construction Update
04/26/19 Construction Update
04/19/19 Construction Update
04/19/19 Water Main Connection
04/18/19 Water Main Connection
04/12/19 Construction Update
04/05/19 Construction Update
04/01/19 Construction Notice
03/29/19 Construction Update
03/22/19 Construction Update
03/15/19 Construction Update
03/05/19 Road Program Notice
03/05/19 Water Main Replacement Notice
02/19/19 Public Hearings
Open House Invite
11/05/18 Board Presentation
10/15/18 Board Presentation
10/01/18 Board Presentation
9/4/18 Board Presentation
SSA 32 Map
2019 and Previous SSA Map
SSA 32/33 Road Program Timeline


If you have any questions, please contact our contracted on-site engineer, Bill Sprague, at 224-315-0201 or you can call Public Works at 630-286-4750 between the hours of 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

If you would like to receive construction updates via email, please send your email address to and state you would like to be added to the current programs' email list.

Concrete Shoulder

During the last several cycles, the Village began implementing the Village's new road standard, which uses a concrete shoulder instead of the previous gravel shoulder. The concrete shoulder has a higher cost to install, but it extends the life of the road surface and reduces maintenance costs over the life of the road. Based on resident feedback and the input of the Village’s Infrastructure Advisory Committee, the Village has adopted the concrete shoulder as a new road standard. Concrete curbs will be maintained on streets where they already exist.

Funding Sources

As with past road improvement cycles, road improvement projects are funded in part through special service areas (SSAs), which will share the cost of road repair and resurfacing between homeowners and the Village. When this first group of SSAs was established, the Village committed to provide an additional maintenance cycle within a 20 year period for those roads whose condition warranted such maintenance. The Village plans to fully fund and maintain this commitment for those roads previously included in an SSA and in need of repair.

Special Service Areas (SSAs)

The incorporation of the new road standard, however, adds an additional cost for the enhanced road shoulder. Based on input from the Village’s Infrastructure Advisory Committee, the Village began funding the cost of the concrete shoulder installation entirely through an SSA. The new SSA will not overlap with the previous SSAs. 

Resident Input Opportunities 

With each road improvement cycle, there are several opportunities for resident input related to the road program and establishing the related SSAs. The program and the SSAs will also need to receive final approval by the Village Board. Check back for dates and times of these meetings. Additionally, once annual programs are established, each home scheduled to be included in the SSA will receive a notice that includes an outline of the project and opportunities for public input.

Special Service Areas (SSAs) History and Future Proposed Improvements

The Future SSA map shows the history of the already established SSAs and the proposed streets for the next few years. Future programs still need to be reviewed and approved by the Village Board prior to each year's program. Streets not shown in any year either already have curbs, were not included in SSA programs prior to the start of the current cycle, or are not controlled and maintained by the Village.