Mission Statement

The mission of the Village of Clarendon Hills is to identify and deliver services to residents, businesses, and visitors that provide a superior quality of life reflective of community values and character while maintaining a fiscally responsible foundation.
  • Clarendon Hills is a community of choice for families seeking a combination of quality education, security, and municipal services.
  • Clarendon Hills is an inviting, prosperous and safe community providing for the quality of life needs of our residents while preserving the small town character and heritage of our community.
  • Clarendon Hills has a vibrant downtown with quality businesses that reflect the lifestyle and needs of our community. Business corridors are redeveloped to their highest and best use and provide significant revenue for the Village.
  • Clarendon Hills is a community that continues to support the investment and reinvestment in its neighborhoods while maintaining the residential character of the Village and the diversity of its' housing opportunities.
  • Clarendon Hills' services and infrastructure are maintained and improved in a fiscally responsible manner.
  • Clarendon Hills is committed to partnering with other governmental authorities and organizations to provide a safe, education, and recreational environment.