Building Permits

Permit1The Village Municipal Code establishes rules and regulations for constructing, erecting, enlarging, remodeling, altering, repairing, raising, lowering, underpinning, moving or wrecking of buildings, structures, or portions thereof and to regulate the location, equipment, use and occupancy thereof, in order to promote public health and safety. Any person planning to perform work in connection with the construction, erection, enlargement, remodeling, altering, repair, raising, lowering, underpinning, moving or wrecking of any building, structure or portion is required to first apply for and obtain a building permit.

Downers Grove Accessor

Twice per month, the Village is required to present copies of all permits issued over the previous fifteen (15) days to the Downers Grove Township Assessor’s Office. In accordance with the State of Illinois Property Tax Code, the township assessment officials are required to inspect real estate for the purposes of assessment. Questions regarding assessment should be directed to Downers Grove Assessor Gregory A. Boltz, CIAO, CPA at