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Alarm Permit Application

  1. Type of Permit*
      1. System Information*
        Device Description and Operational Specifications: (Check all that apply)
      2. Does the Alarm System automatically reset?*
      3. Does the Fire equipment comply with UL, NFPA or equivalent standards?
      4. Billing/Contact Information
      5. All installation must comply with the National Electric Code and the Electrical Code of the Village of Clarendon Hills.
      6. Fee Information
        $100.00 one time Registration Fee
      7. Other Fees
        False Alarm Fees: First time no charge. Second time and subsequent: Burglar/Intrusion and local $25.00; Fire and Medical Emergency $250.00.
      8. Terms*
        I accept responsibility for payment of all fees and fines that may result from the operation of the alarm system servicing the above premises until such time I notify the Police Department of removal of the system and/or relation. I am also responsible for notification to the Police Department of any Alarm company changes within 10 days of change.
      9. Instructions
        Print and return this application with a check in the amount of $100.00 Payable to the Village of Clarendon Hills to the Clarendon Hills Police Department located at 448 Park Ave or you can hit Submit at the bottom of this form and pay using E-Pay (note there is a $3.00 service charge for paying via credit card). Information completed will be submitted electronically to the Police Department.
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