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J. Kenneth Sloan Triangle Sign Reservation Form

  1. Use of the J. Kenneth Sloan Memorial Sign (Triangle)

    Organizations wishing to place a banner in the Triangle should complete the lower portion of this document. Please contact Vicki Pries at (630) 286-5401 or via email at if you have any questions. The Village maintains a list of when banner space is available. The sign is reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Only organizations hosting a community event are eligible to have a banner hung. After you have confirmation of your reserved time, drop off your banner at Village Hall (1 N. Prospect  Avenue) at least two days before it is due to go up. Please see guidelines for the use of the Sloan Triangle.

  2. *****The Village reserves the right to change the dates/side banners will be displayed.*****
  3. I have received and read the Sloan Triangle Policies and understand the regulations for requesting a sign be placed on the Sloan Triangle.
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