stormwater improvement cost-share program

Since October 16, 2017, the Village Board has adopted Resolutions R-17-49, R-19-05, and R-20-06, establishing the Village’s Stormwater Cost Share Program. This new program was created to provide financial assistance to multiple, neighboring residents seeking to make improvements addressing flooding conditions experienced over multiple residential properties. Eligible improvements must mitigate existing stormwater flooding conditions to structures and land over multiple properties. Flooding conditions must be present on more than one adjacent property to receive reimbursement. Once the qualifying criteria are met, reimbursement of 50% of labor and material costs, $2,000 maximum, is available for each participating property. The maximum reimbursement per project is $10,000, subject to Village authorized funding for the Program. The approved Budget sets aside $10,000 for this program. Cost Share Program resources, instructions, and applications are posted below.

Applicant parties having a qualified improvement project would need to submit a Storm Water Cost Share application with four (4) copies of preliminary plans prepared by a licensed Engineer or Landscape Architect showing the project area, photographic documentation of the drainage problem, and a list of participating property owners’ contact information to the Community Development Department by March 31st of each year.  Village staff will prioritize the projects based on the effects, the location of the occurrence, and the number of homes impacted. Once the selected Improvement has been reviewed and approved for the program by the Community Development Director and Village Engineer, the primary contact for the project will be directed to apply for a permit. Once the improvement is completed and after final inspection, the applicant will be required to submit paid invoices to the Village for review, approval, and reimbursement. Any projects approved and funded by this program would be subject to the inspection program already in place for mandatory storage improvements under the Village’s stormwater ordinance.

Program details and application forms are provided below.

Stormwater Cost Share Program Resources