2018 Stormwater Study

Following the October 2017 flood, staff received several concerns from residents in the 400 block of Colfax.  These are some of the same folks whose homes were damaged in the April 2013 flood and in other floods prior.  On February 5, 2018 the Village Board authorized the study of the Park Avenue detention basin. The purpose of the study is to discover potential public/private actions that may minimize future flood damage to the homes on Colfax.

Up to date information will be posted on this page as the Village proceeds forward with the study.

5/18/2018 UPDATE - On Monday, May 21, 2018, the Village Board will be presented the Final Technical Report. During Monday's meeting it is expected that the Village Board will schedule a Public Services Committee meeting to discuss in detail the report findings. Click here to view the report.

Project Schedule*

  • Engineering Services Agreement Approved - 2/5/2018
  • Lowest Adjacent Grades Survey - 3/9/2018
  • Existing Conditions Modeling - 3/23/2018
  • Drainage Improvement Alternatives Evaluation - 4/20/2018
  • Draft Technical Report - 4/23/2018
  • Final Technical Report - 5/21/2018

* This schedule may be condensed or lengthened as needed. Opportunities for public meeting discussion will be added as the Village proceeds with the Study.