Reassurance Program

The Clarendon Hills Police Department's "Reassurance Program" provides a daily health and safety check for persons participating in the program. Participants are required to call the non-emergency dispatch number between 6am-10am for the Clarendon Hills Police Department at (630) 323-2151. 

Active participants in the program not contacting the Clarendon Hills Dispatch by 10:00 am will be called by the Police Department. If no response is forthcoming. An officer will be dispatched to the person's residence.  Persons eligible to participate in this program must be Clarendon Hills Residents, upon submission of a completed application, a key to be kept at the Police Department to the residence, as well as a recent picture of the applicant, all required to begin this service. 

The program will not be limited to any one category of persons. The program is available to any person, subject to the requirements discussed above, claiming a need for this service; i.e. senior citizen, handicapped, bed ridden, etc. 

The information provided on the application will be kept confidential.

In order to be sure the program is run in an effective matter, please notify the Police Department when leaving town for a few days for a trip, vacation, hospitalization, or move from the Village. Such notification is extremely important so the Department will not be expecting a call when the applicant is in fact, out of town. 

If you have any additional questions regarding the program, please call the Business Office of the Clarendon Hills Police Department at (630)286-5460 ext. 0.