Tree Ribbons

What do these represent? Who is taking them down?  The Village receives all kinds of calls and questions when our residents show their support via a ribbon. Ribbons on a parkway tree usually represent support to those who are grieving, support for a cause or in the case of our great schools a blue ribbon award. However, many times Village staff doesn’t have the answers, so we are asking residents to complete a Tree Ribbon form when they tie ribbons onto the parkway trees. We are also asking residents that if they put the ribbons up, that they take them down. After two weeks, most ribbons start to look unsightly and to some residents, the ribbons are a reminder of painful memories, no matter how thoughtful the intent was when the ribbons went up. In the spirit of being good  neighbors, please remove what gets put up in public right of ways. The Village has established a policy and the Tree Ribbon submission form.