Blue Dot Parking

Blue Dot Parking Information
The Village of Clarendon Hills established the Blue Dot parking permit program in order to allow employees of the Central Business District (the "CBD") businesses to purchase a permit for parking in designated areas.

The Blue Dot program allows these CBD employees to park in designated areas beyond the posted time limits without incurring a parking citation. Blue dot permits unlike commuter parking permits, do not bar others from using the parking spaces for the posted time limit. Blue dot parking spaces are posted with a blue dot on parking signs. The parking sign will indicate two hour parking, however that two hour limit does not apply to blue dot permit holders.

Parking Spaces Locations
Blue dot parking spaces are located around the border of the Central Business District, which allows prime customer parking spaces to be available for those shopping in the CBD.

VOCH Parking

Available to Employers

Employers now can purchase blue dots to be distributed among employees.  One blue dot permit can be transferred between cars based on needs.  Contact the police department for more information.

How To Purchase Blue Dot Parking Permits