Internet Transactions Safe Zone

Internet Transaction Safe Zone

Online buying and selling is an attractive way to reach large numbers of buyers and sellers. In the rush to buy or sell an item, it is easy to forget the vulnerability incurred when meeting a total stranger one on one.

The Clarendon Hills Police Department located at 448 Park Avenue, has designated the police station parking lot and the police station lobby as safe zones for online transactions. If a resident is conducting a one on one transaction where money is changing hands this is the safest place to do it. 

Anyone is welcome to meet buyers or sellers in the Police Department lobby during business hours. The lobby is open Monday - Friday      8 a.m. - 7 p.m. After hours, the front parking lot offers a police presence, surveillance cameras, good lighting and an emergency phone. Staff will not get involved in any transactions but can quickly respond to any situation requiring police intervention.

For more information call 630-286-5460.